Instant Healthy Treats with a Baby Food Processor

Homemakers should keep in mind that each of the appliances in the kitchen is designed differently. The most expensive model is not necessarily the best one for a specific household. An appliance has different features and each would serve a different purpose. Homeowners should choose one according to their needs and not only according to how much it costs.

In the case of food processors, there would be a hundred and one options for a homemaker so it would be quite difficult to decide. Food processors can simply be classified into three. There is what they call the standard processor that would be perfect for a medium-sized family with a moderate cooking lifestyle. There are also the heavy duty food processors which are recommended for bigger families. Those are also best for people who love experimenting in the kitchen. It really depends on how much time a person spends in the kitchen.

For instance, even if it is a small family, if one of them is into hosting and entertaining, a big capacity processor would still be practical. People who are in small food businesses would also appreciate a high powered food processor. Lastly, there is also what they call a baby food processor. This would have a small capacity, a low-powered motor and fewer features.

Firstly, mini food processors would be best for people who do not exactly need something bulky. These would be made in such a way that they can easily be stashed away. It would be important for homeowners who always wish their workstations to be perfectly organized. Despite the low-power and small capacity, there are people who would do just fine with a baby food processor. Such models would be ideal for preparing food items in small quantities. For instance, a smaller bowl may be needed for sauces, dips and spreads because it would not make sense to prepare liters and liters of them.

For meals, a mini processor can be used for preparing sauces for meat viands. It can also be used for preparing fresh sauce for pasta. Even if the food is only for 2 or 3 people, it would still make a difference. For preparing snacks, there would be a lot of options. Mini processors would be perfect for concocting fresh salsa and other dips. As long as they have their recipes ready, homeowners can quickly prepare a number of dips for tacos and nachos for a healthy snack when something good is on the television.

It is also what most people use for preparing food for infants. Salads can also be whipped up by using one for cutting and slicing different kinds of fruits, meats and vegetables. All a homemaker needs to do is add a little bit of dressing and it would be good to go.

Because small food processors can also be used for mixing and blending, it would be perfect for making spreads. Homeowners can make a number and fill up bottles and keep them in the fridge so members of the household have more options for their snacks. The small capacity would guarantee that there would be no need to wash big bowls after using it.

KitchenAid 9-Cup Food Processor

The main features of the leading model of 9 cup food processor from KitchenAid are a half horse power motor, work bowls, and stainless steal blades. After this you have a durable sound proofed housing for the unit that ensures quiet operation. The bowls, blades, and discs are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The base of the unit also is designed for easy cleaning and can be wiped off easily.

There are many benefits to having a food processor. You can create homemade salsas, finely chop salads, and even finely dice vegetables for boiling in sauces. Aside from this it allows you to cut down on the preparation time for many different meals and desserts. Having a 9 cup capacity also ensures that you don’t have to run multiple sessions to get the materials for one dish.

There are a few minor drawbacks to these though. Most food processors are still a bit cumbersome and heavy. Add to the fact that they still require some assembly and disassembly for every use and people can be slightly confused. The individual interchangeable parts can also be lost, and some are sharp to the touch. Though common sense dictates that you shouldn’t be touching the sharp parts anyway so it’s not really a problem.

It can be slightly confusing to keep everything in order when it’s spread around the kitchen. However these are minor complaints and nothing a person with a good sense of organization can’t fix. It’s generally a good idea to store this processor and all of its attachments in the same place to aid in location, and ease of use. After using the unit it can be slightly time consuming to put each small item in the dishwasher to be cleaned, but it’s better than doing it by hand.

General reviews of these items are usually positive with 4 out of 5 stars. Most people praise the type and brand as being reliable and easy to use. Many have quoted the units as being powerful, and able to handle anything that is put in them. When dealing with food processors there is no higher praise.

Many users do however feel that the bowls included could have been larger. This is mainly due to the capacity of the bowls for liquid. However this is a minor complaint and most are happy with their purchase. Overall the item has a rating of 80 of 100.

In closing having a KitchenAid 9 cup food processor can make your life better. Not only can you prepare dinner faster, but a variety of other things as well. When making salsa or vegetable combinations you can maximize efficiency by putting all of the ingredients in and dicing to your preference. This results in a quick and easy dish that just needs seasoning and it’s ready to eat.

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