The EcoFridge That Uses 40% Less Energy Than Standard Refrigerators

News just in about new refrigerators that could potentially save householders up to 40% on their electricity and energy bills that are typically associated with the running costs of a fridge freezer. This has all come about due to a project that was conceived by the appliance company Mabe who asked students of engineering and industrial design at Berkeley to come up with a new modern fridge design that will consume far less energy that the ones that are currently on the market. Checkout top 10 double door refrigerators and single door refrigerators in India here.

The Berkeley students set themselves the aim of designed a refrigerator that would give the greatest reduction in energy consumption without alienating consumers who have a perception of what a fridge should look like and how it should work.  One of their team members said that they didn’t want to design anything that the consumer would not recognize.

In order to make their economically-friendly fridge as efficient as possible they used some unique green features which are summarized below:

  • They made sure that in order to cool the refrigerator the function was assisted with a thermal battery that only charged during night-time hours which is when electric rates tend to be lower.  This was estimated to reduce energy consumption by up to forty percent.
  • The freezer section is set into a large bottom drawer so that items quick be grabbed out quicker meaning that cold air is not lost as much – which makes even more energy savings.
  • There is a clear panel in the front door of the fridge so the user can look in and see what they need to buy rather than opening the fridge door and losing chilled temperatures.

Whether or not we will ever see their Eco Fridge put into production is another matter, but please keep your eyes posted on the Refrigerator Reviews website as we will bring you all the latest news on developments as they come in.

US Refrigerator Freezers Go Toe to Toe with Integrated Refrigerator Freezers

The latest model and design of fridge products, known as fridge freezer, is the least understood aspect of refrigeration systems. Basically, this appliance design is a hybrid that combines a freezer and a fridge as one single appliance, yet has two distinct areas and functionality.

These hybrid designs are used widely nowadays, mostly within the Southern region of the globe, wherein households commonly eat locally harvested and bought food, including vegetables and fruits that are most likely stored in containers rather than in freezers in order to conserve space that is taken.

Estimate the certain dimensions and measurements of the area you plan on putting and installing the fridge freezers. This is an important step in order to ensure that the product you buy is appropriately installed where you want it to be.As kitchen appliance specialists from from New Zealand say one brand option you can try on is Bosch. Among the different appliance brands you can opt for, Bosch prices their freezer fridges to be highly competitive and claims their product to boast superior long-life durability and use.

For example, the company Siemens has received an integrated plasma TV screen within their top TV models and brands since they focus more on technology advancement and innovation regardless of the fact that AEG received an impressive 39 wine bottle and storage room into theirs due to the fact that they are proud on their company’s appreciation for respectively finer aspects in life.

According to an author named Shawn Chambers, a lot more shoppers of fridges today are opting for a US manufactured model due to their space-efficient feature that leaves people with far greater space for stored items. Preferably, should the waste water passageways on the identical source as your previous one, then a variety there can be identified as the elevation of roughly around 4 inches after they are adjoined to keep the dishwasher smoothly flowing on the drum.

Refrigerators are really priceless appliances that offer superb functionality and support for the preservation of food as well as to keep your beers, juice or cola cold. One has to be well-advised and thoroughly prepared when purchasing the best quality freezer fridge to ensure that they are getting the best value for their hard earned money. Prior acquiring an integrated fridge for one’s kitchen area, you should find and shop exhaustively for innovative and intuitively designed fridge designs and models that will allow your food to stay fresh at all times.

Many incorporated freezer fridges display digital temperature to enable the owner to keep track of the temp and adjust it as needed to find the best and prissiest temperature for the preservation of your food. Having the most suitable temperature at all times will ensure that your food, including meat, vegetables, poultry and fruits are kept fresh and do not rot while they are stored in the fridge.

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